Your NICU Journey




We are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive information to empower parents to be active participants in their baby's care.


Support and Community

We should not go through this difficult journey without support. We hold weekly zoom meetings where lifetime connections are made. 



The NICU is a very scary place. There are always monitors going off, babies crying, codes events, etc. You did nothing to put you and your child through this difficult journey, we want you to walk away with happy memories as well. We have photo kits, books, journals, etc. so that you can walk away with happy memories too. 

Our Story


 Your NICU Journey was created due to the high demand of parents expressing their worries, fears, doubts, and having no where to turn. Our mission is to empower and inspire confidence in parents, facilitate connection between parents and their infants, and help create joyful memories during this difficult journey in the NICU. 



As someone who has personal felt unwanted by her biological parents, I knew that I wanted to work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I wanted to be apart of each of my patient's journey, rather that be to help infants with loving parents, helping them get stronger and healthier to go home to a happy household or to be with the infants who had no one, I wanted to be there to tell them that they mattered and to keep fighting. 

Throughout my years as a NICU nurse working all across the country including mostly at the #1 NICU hospital in the world, I noticed a need for an educational and supportive platform to help parents understand the NICU and learn how to connect to their infants during this difficult journey of being in the NICU.

This was how "Your NICU Journey" was created. 


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"Alex was one of the most optimistic and engaging nurses we had come across in the last 7.5 months of our NICU stay. She is not one of those nurses who just comes in to get vitals, give meds,  and then goes back to her chair. She actually plays, talks, and spends time with our son with different activities and helps to reach his milestones."

Suzen and Bho 

"I greatly appreciated Alex as our nurse.  Teaching me and explaining things in a way that I could understand and most importantly Alex made me feel comfortable."